Friday, May 8, 2009

Song Analysis 3

Nickelback is a band with an abundance of talent and make their fans go wild. The band originated in Hanna, Alberta. Its name originates from the nickel in change that band member Mike Kroeger gave customers at his Starbucks job, he would frequently say, "Here's your nickel back”. The first song that they released, “How You Remind Me", was a huge success, peaking at #1 on both the American and Canadian charts at the same time. It became the single of the year for 2002. In September 2008, Roadrunner Records announced that the first single from their upcoming album was originally going to be "If Today Was Your Last Day" and was to be released September 30, 2008.But, Instead, "Gotta Be Somebody" served as the lead single instead. The song “Gotta Be Somebody” is meaningful and gets across to a lot of Nickelback’s fans.
There are some poetic devices in the song “Gotta Be Somebody”. Figurative Language is used in the song. A line from the song says, “The moment when we’re meeting will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen”. Obviously the moment won’t be straight off a silver screen, so he is over exaggerating. Another line in the song where figurative language is used is when it says, “So I’ll be holding my breath right up to the end until the moment when I find the one I spend forever with”. He really is not going to hold his breath until that time, which shows he is just saying that to get the point across that he is very eager to meet ‘the one’. In the song, there is also alliteration used. One line in the song says, “Feels the same somewhere”. Same somewhere both start with ‘s’, and they are close together in the line. Another example of alliteration is “`Cause it could be the one, the one you’re waiting on”. In this line, “`cause” and “could” are forms of alliteration even though they are not right next to each other. There are many forms of poetic devices in the song “Gotta Be Somebody”.
This song has a lot of meaning in it. Its great that Nickelback wrote a song about getting up and going out to find your soul mate. It persuades people to stop waiting around and go find them yourself, and be determined because if Nickelback can do it, then you can. The secret to getting people to be happy is to say in the song “There's gotta be somebody for me like that”, as if Nickelback is willing and impatient to find that special someone. It makes people actually want to have someone to love, as the song says, “Someone to love with my life in their hands”. When the song talks about nobody wanting to be alone, it gets people thinking, ‘you know, I don’t.’ The song states, “Cause nobody wants to do it all on their own, and everyone wants to know they're not alone”. This is 100% true because pretty much no one wants to be lonely. Nickelback switches from talking about people in general and using words like “nobody”, to talking about himself as a person in the world meeting his girl. It says, “Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight and damn it this feels too right, it's just like déjà vu me standing here with you”. These parts of the song show him dreaming about when he meets the right one for him. But, it switches back and forth to lines like “You can't give up, looking for a diamond in the rough”, where he tells his fans to do what he is doing and don’t give up hope. In all, the song is about finding the one for you, just like what Nickelback is dreaming of.
In conclusion, this song gets people thinking and acting, which is what Nickelback’s brilliant ideas wanted to achieve. This song falls under love in alternative because the song is about finding the one you love and craving that attention and love from another person who cares for you. When people listen to this song, it persuades you to do what your heart tells you, no matter who you are. It is telling them to find someone who you can trust with your life. The song lets them know there is someone for everyone. Nickelback has been around since 1996, and they will continue to bring their fans to a standing ovation at every concert in the future.

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